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Our Services

Lady T's Homeless Ministry provides basic help to our homeless brothers and sisters who are facing life interruptions and limitations in caring for themselves. We serve seniors, veterans, mentally challenged, disabled individuals, families, men, women, and children who are struggling with their day to day care and meeting their basic needs. Our focus is to make available the basic necessities and spiritual enlightenment.


We need volunteers to help pack hygiene kits, sort socks and cereal packs. We are taking financial support, non-perishable snacks, paper products, stuffed animals for the kids. 


The Streets


We take food, water, clothing and other supplies to the homeless who live on the streets, in the parks, behind alleys and in the woods. We pray with them and continue our journey to help the next person. 

The Shelters: 

We serve a hot meal to those who live in the battered women, children and men shelters. Each shelter has its own rules and regulations that we are obligated to follow. We meet at a designated location and travel as a team. Once we arrive, we plate cakes, salads and pour drinks and whatever may be necessary in preparation for the meals. 

*Note:  If there are any leftovers after we have fed at the shelter, we go to the streets after leaving the shelter.


We go to extended stay hotels/motels in low-income areas. Some of these, house many homeless people and families struggling to make ends meet. Our ministry supplies them with basic necessities, such as, toiletry kits, food, devotionals, socks and toys for the kids.


Supply Assembly: 

We put together toiletry kits, cereal packs, socks, assorted clothes and blankets to take to the streets. We do this at least once a month with donated supplies.


Basic Requirements for All Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteers must:

  • have a passion for helping people

  • have transportation to ministry location

  • must wear appropriate dress attire


Street Volunteers:

  • be 21 years of age or older

  • sign a waiver

  • complete orientation prior to services

Requirements (for Supply Assembly only):

  • Must have your own transportation

  • Be prepared to volunteer for a minimum of three hours




When we are serving the homeless, we DO NOT give them:


  • Our personal information

  • Financial Assistance

  • MARTA cards

  • Use of our cellphones

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