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The mission of Lady T's Homeless Ministry is to supply physical and spiritual nutrition to the less fortunate individuals that live on the streets, in the parks, behind alleys, in the woods and those that have found a place in the battered women, children and men shelters. Our objective is to give them the basic necessities of life to lift them up and encourage them.



Our vision is to supply everyone with the basic necessities of life. Nobody living on the streets should be hungry, without warm clothes, a coat and a blanket to sleep on. It is pertinent that we go above and beyond to provide for those who are less fortunate than we are.

Core Values

Lady T's Homeless Ministry takes the necessary steps to assure that all our endeavors are in line with our fundamental values that represent our mission statement and goals.

  • Compassion – we are an organization dedicated to extending humanity, kindness and mercy to those most in need; we believe in encouraging empathy, love and a sense of family for all of God's people

  • Community – we are an organization that strives to foster a culture of dedicated volunteers, who are the heart and soul of our organization and a network of committed partners; we believe in unity and collaboration, for we depend on both volunteers and partners to continue serving the community

  • Integrity – we are an organization that entreats our Board Members and volunteers to conduct themselves with honesty, fairness and modesty; we believe in holding ourselves to the highest standards

  • Empowerment – we are an organization that acknowledges the individuality of each person; we serve without judgement or requirements; we believe everyone deserves to be assured of dignity and respect

  • Leadership – we are an organization that endeavors to be a model of compassion and humanity; we desire to enrich the lives of those we serve, as well as, those who serve beside us 

  • Accountability – we are an organization dedicated to the calling to serve those most in need; we believe in commitment and excellence in service

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