Greetings from Lady T,


These are devastating times for all of us and the world is feeling it. Please know that we are praying for you and your families and we are asking that you continue to pray for us and all our friends on the streets.


We are still on the battle field doing what we can to help our homeless population. The numbers have doubled in some spots. We know that most of them are isolated from others. Our first and far most concern is for our safety and the safety of others. We are gloved up, sanitized up, and trying to stay sane up in these trying times.


The numbers have doubled on the streets because some have lost everything. There are those that live in the hotels and motels that use to hustle for their daily rent, and now there is no one to hustle from. The streets are bare and so are their food shelves. There are whole families with children just walking the streets with no where to go and have no answers. The problem and the devastation are beyond what you see on T.V. or hear on the radio. I have seen, firsthand, the horror of what is going on in our communities.


My heart is heavy because there is only so much that we can do and stay within the guidelines of the government. Oh, but we have a GOD that sits high and looks low. This is no surprise to Him and this is no problem for Him to fix. My faith is in Him and not in man.


I am asking that you continue to support this ministry with your financial support, donations and above all, your prayers. We are NOT taking clothing at this time but we are still in need of blankets and comforters. Our website is or you can call 404-316-0774 if you would like to support us in any way.


I will continue to stay on the battle field doing what we do as long as I can. Safety and protection of self and others is the first priority that I have.


I must close with these words that I read earlier. Remember Psalm 91 is more potent than COVID-19. RELAX, God has EVERYTHING under control.

Stay SAFE, Stay SANITIZED, and Stay SANE and don’t forget, this too shall pass.

I love you all.


With a servant’s heart,


Lady T