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​​Who is Lady T?  
27 years feeding the homeless. 

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Teresa "Lady T" Hamilton observed homelessness when she visited Nigeria, Africa and saw so many people starving. When she returned to the states, she noticed that a multitude of people with children were starving and homeless here in Georgia. Many of these people, to her amazement, lived in tents in the woods.

Teresa Hamilton left DeKalb Medical to start a catering business and pursue her second passion, caring for the homeless in DeKalb County and Metro Atlanta, GA.

Lady T is a fearless giant who stands less than 5 feet tall. Lady T makes a hearty soup and serves full course meals. She feeds nearly 1000 homeless people per week who live on the streets, in the woods, under bridges, in parks, and in shelters. She also provides for homeless families who are housed in extended stay low-income hotels and motels, which includes over 145 children. She will go wherever they are; to their homes, wherever that may be.

Lady T does not ration the soup or food; she stays until everyone is full. In addition to food, she supplies clothing, blankets, toiletries, stuffed animals to children, cereal snacks, crayons and coloring kits. She ensures that every homeless person leaves with two pairs of socks and a devotional book in their hand. Monetary donations are used to purchase socks, food, and snack items, which are necessities for the homeless. Tents are also purchased with monetary donations.


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