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"Greater is HE that is in me, than he that is in the WORLD"

















Greetings Friend,

This is a new year that is full of excitement and new adventures.

A year sitting on “ready or not here we come.”


People are so ready for a change in almost every area of their life. Be it physical, some want to get healthier some just want to lose weight. Be it mentally, some just want “peace of mind”, some want a mind to think clearly with. Many want financial security and some just want to make ends meet.


Any way you look at it, everybody just wants a change of whatever this is going on now. I call it, “life’s Interruption’s”. I have spoken to hundreds of people who were down on their luck, lost their jobs, lost their homes, or lost a loved one because of death. They basically say the same thing, “enough is enough” my response to that is this, what do you plan on doing about it? How sick and tired are you of being sick and tired?


The answer lies within each of us. Change can only come when we change it!!!

We must CHOOSE to make the changes needed to better our life.

In 2022, thus far, I have found that I must reflect back, but at the same time move forward. Learn from my past mistakes and refocus on what’s ahead.


There are so many “golden opportunities” in this world for us to have, if we only take the time to stop, pause, think and be still for a moment.

Just remember, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised and has yet to come and TODAY is all we have to make it right. Be it physically, mentally, or financially.


You possess knowledge- you’ve been to school, you’ve had experiences (both good & bad), you’ve seen a slice of life. But wisdom is different. With wisdom, you know what to do with what you know. For big decisions and small ones, major choices and minor ones, speeches in front of many and a whisper to a single person. Take a moment to think before you act. It turns knowledge into wisdom. And that, my friend, is one of the components we all are going to need to make it through 2022.  


I pray that God will continue to bless you and your family in a mighty way now and forever.


Please continue to support Lady T’s Homeless Ministry with your tangible donations and prayers. Be Safe and stay blessed. 


With a servant's heart,

Lady T 

P.S. I would love to hear from you, because feedback matters to me. 





























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